The BCS 732 sold by APD Power Center in Phoenix Arizona is the most
economical tractor in the professional series. The 732 is equipped with a
differential making those tight turns at the end of the row much easier. The
732 is the smallest tractor that can handle the single rotary plow. It is
capable of powering the 26 inch tiller with the precision depth roller. It's
9.5 hp Kohler engine can power the 24 inch flail mower and many other
attachments. It's dry double cone clutch is possible to replace in the field
with minimal hand tools.

  • Kohler CH395 engine rope or optional electric start
  • 277 cc engine produces 9.5 hp and 13.9 ft lbs of torque.
  • 275 pounds when equipped with 26 inch tiller
  • 2 forward, 2 reverse speeds. 0.68 and 1.4 mph
  • 7.6 mph transport speed for pulling 92148701 trailer or sulky attachment
  • All gear drive. No belts, no chains.
  • Speeds 0.68 and 1.4 mph
  • 7.6 mph transport speed
  • Automotive style double cone dry clutch
  • Standard Wheel size is 4x10x18,
  • Optional Wheels size is 5x10x19 inches
  • Differential drive with lockout. Differential can be locked

This tractor is equipped with a differential that makes it easier to turn the
tractor around. Lockout the differential and both wheels apply power to the
ground to help keep your furrows and lines straight.

Limited Warranty:
Transmission for residential use: Lifetime.
Tractor and engine residential use warranty is 3 years

Limited Commercial warranty:
One year for tractor and clutch
Transmission warranty is five years.
Kohler CH395 engine warranty is 3 years

APD Power Center has been located in the Phoenix Metro Area since 1966.
The current owners have been associated with the company since 1981.

You can buy with confidence from APD Power Center. We are an authorized
warranty and repair center for the equipment we sell.

When in the Valley of the Sun, please stop by. Take a look at our show room
full of pressure washers, lawn mowers, portable generators and landscaping
Wheel spacing is 36 inches. Can straddle beds up to 6 inches tall.
Expansion kit pictured below raises the capacity from 6.5

cubic feet to 10.7 cubic feet. (contents level to the top) Heaped
capacity is 9 cubic feet or with the expansion kit pictured below
raises the capacity to about 15 cubic feet.