BCS 853 and 852 TWO WHEELED TRACTORS sold in Arizona are a
Phoenix Favorite!

The BCS 853 and 852 have three forward and reverse gears plus a transport
speed. The 8.3 mph transport speed makes it perfect for use with a utility
trailer with a driver seat or sulky.

The BCS 853 tractor's transport speed can only be used in rear mount mode,
such as when a tiller is installed.

The BCS 852 tractor's transport speed can only be used in front mount mode,
such as a front mounted mower.

The BCS walk behind tractor can  plow, mow, pull seeders and can do nearly
everything a four wheel tractor can do..

  • Individual turning brakes on each wheel make sharp corners easier
  • Honda GX390 engine recoil or optional electric start
  • 389cc engine produces 11.7 hp 19.5 ft lbs torque
  • 342 pounds when equipped with 30 inch tiller
  • 3 forward, 3 reverse speeds. Quick shuttle reverse
  • Speeds are 0.7 1.7 and 2.7 mph
  • 8.3 mph transport speed
  • Forward or reverse with just a flip of a lever with the shuttle lever.
  • All gear drive. No belts, no chains.
  • Wheel size is 5 x 12 inch 22" diameter
  • Differential drive with lockout
  • Automotive style double cone dry clutch is repairable in the field with hand

This tractor is equipped with a differential that makes it easier to turn around.
Lockout the differential and both wheels apply power to the ground to keep
your furrows and lines straight. Individual turning brakes make very sharp
turns easier.

Limited Warranty:
Transmission for residential use: Lifetime.
Clutch for residential use: 3 years
The rest of the tractor and engine residential use 3 years

Limited Commercial warranty:
One year for tractor and clutch
Transmission warranty is five years.
Honda GX390 engine warranty is 3 years

APD Power Center, 412 West Gemini Drive, Tempe Arizona 85283.
(480) 838-7472 (800) 789-7894. APD Power Center has been located in
the Phoenix area since 1966. We service and warranty what we sell. You
can buy your BCS 853 with confidence from APD Power Center.
BCS 853 walk behind hobby farm tractor
BCS 853 Tractor
shown with optional front
mounted bagging mower.
The BCS 853 Tractor pictured with optional
rear mounted 30 inch tiller. Brooms, log
splitters, pumps water, rotary plow, seed
planter and more!
BCS 92148701 Steel Utility trailer. Can be used while tiller is attached to the
tiller). 1100 lb capacity. Foot and parking brakes. 16 cubic feet. 45 inch outer
wheel width, 29.5 inch inner wheel width. Swing down tailgate.
Easy to use
dump feature!
Length width height is 43X59X10.5 inches. Ride to and from
your job site!