BCS Brush Mower
21, 26 and 32 inch
deck sizes.
APD Power Center located in the Phoenix Metro area. BCS Elite dealer. Factory
trained and authorized for Briggs & Stratton, Honda, Kohler, Vanguard Engines.
412 West Gemini Drive, Tempe Arizona 85283, (480) 838-7472 (800) 789-7894
Recommended minimum tractor sizes:
21 inch mower: 710 and 718
26 inch mower: 722 and larger
32 inch mower: GX390 powered tractors, 749, 853, 750, 770
BCS brush mower sold by APD Power Center in Phoenix Arizona. This mower
has a four inch cutting height. Floating deck tilts up to 15 degrees to follow ground
contours. Hardened steel gears and ball bearings for long life. Rear rubber flap
helps deflect branches, rocks etc. that are struck by the  steel blades.
Two heavy duty one quarter inch
steel blades pivot on a steel disc.

This pivot design helps prevent
blade breakage in the event one
of the blades strikes a rock
or other hard object. The blade
can pivot out of the way.

Two steel skids on each side of
the BCS brush mower set
the cutting height to four inches.
Skids are replaceable.

The BCS brush mower is designed
to rough chop over grown areas.
It does not chop plants as finely as
the flail or the lawn mower.
cover crops The flail mower or
the HD combo lawn mower would
be better suited for that task.
4 inch cut
Brush mower. Reclaim
those areas that have
become overgrown
with weeds and small
Do you a need mower that creates a finer, chopped cut for cover crops? In
other words "Green Manure"? Check out the three links below.