BCS flail mower
in 24, 30 and
35 inch widths.
The BCS flail mower offered by APD Power Center in Phoenix Arizona
can mow nearly anything that will bend under the deck including Saplings,
grass, corn stalks, vines and weeds.
*Cutting height is adjustable from 1/2 inch to 4 inches.
*In lowest cut position, mower rides on boron steel skids.
*Caster wheels for adjustable height cut and easier transport
Best mower for all
purpose mowing over
over varying terrain.
Which flail mower should I buy? Pros and cons of the RollerBlade compared
to the BladeRunner mower on this page. Is your farm ground uneven or flat?

*Flat ground. I don't have to cross bumps and little ditches to get to the beds
*I'm fine with the 30 inch width mower. I don't need 24 or 35 inch
*I can live with a cutting height of
1/2 inch to a maximum of 2.5 inches
*I mainly mow cover crops instead of tall dense plants, such as corn stalks
and thick vines.
*I need to mow over V ditches
*I need the finest possible chop for green manure.
The Roller Blade mower may be your best choice

Compared to the BladeRunner mower pictured on this page
*I need the caster wheels to help transport the mower over uneven ground
*I need a 24 inch or a 35 inch mower instead of a 30 inch.
I need to cut down dense growth that is difficult to bend where a four
inch cutting height will help get the mower over tall stalks and vines.
*I need a cutting height of 4 inches.
*I need to process a lot of vegetation in a shorter period of time.
*I won't be mowing over the tops of ditches or furrows. (
see note)
Note: Blade runner can be equipped with an anti-scalp roller that prevents
scalping  when mowing over V ditches, raised beds etc.

Still undecided? The blade runner mower can be fitted fairly inexpensively
with an anti-scalp roller. This makes the blade runner very similar in
performance to the Roller blade. You still have the convenience of the caster
wheels for easier transport over uneven terrain.

Cutting Height
Rollerblade .05 to 2.5 inches
BladeRunner .05 to 4 inches

Available widths
RollerBlade 30 inch
BladeRunner 24, 30 and 35 inches.

Caster Wheels
RollerBlade NO, does not have caster wheels
BladeRunner Yes, it has caster wheels

Anti Scalp Roller
RollerBlade, YES standard equipment
BladeRunner, Optional equipment

Easy height adjustment with hand crank
RollerBlade, yes hand crank adjusts the roller height
BladeRunner, yes hand crank adjust the caster height.

Compatible tractor models for these mowers.
30 inch RollerBlade requires 739 and larger tractor

BladeRunner models (mower with casters)
24 inch can be powered by the 732 pro tractor and larger
30 inch can be powered by the 739PS tractor and larger
35 inch requires the 749 tractor or larger.
Blade runner flail mower with
casters for easier transport over
uneven ground. Sold in 24, 30
and 35 inch widths.
Roller blade flail mower without
casters. More difficult to transport to
the jobsite over uneven ground.
Sold only in 30 inch width.
APD Power Center located in the Phoenix Metro area. BCS Elite dealer. Factory
trained and authorized for Briggs & Stratton, Honda, Kohler, Vanguard Engines.
412 West Gemini Drive, Tempe Arizona 85283, (480) 838-7472 (800) 789-7894
Pictured below is the optional anti scalp roller. Add this roller to the flail
mower and it is possible to cut cover crops down to 1/2 inch without the
mower scalping even over V ditches and other uneven terrain. Order
numbers for the anti scalp rollers are:
These are only for the roller.
24 inch mower 92290892
30 inch mower 92290893
35 inch mower 92290895
The picture above shows a view of the "Y" flail cutting blades. The blades can
pivot on the rotating shaft in the event they strike a rock or other hard object.
Usually, this "flail" action limits damage from rocks and other hard objects to
just the cutting blade.

The picture below illustrates the available "scoop" type blade.

The Y flail blade is on the left. The scoop blade, pictured on the right is
designed to give that "manicured" type cut, such as a lawn. Please note it is
about a one hour job to change from the Y blade to the Scoop blades.
Pictured below is the optional anti scalp roller. Add this roller to the flail
mower and it is possible to cut cover crops down to 1/2 inch without the
mower scalping even over V ditches and other uneven terrain. Scoop
blade part numbers are:
These part numbers are only for the blades.
24 inch 59259457
30 inch 59259456
35 inch 59259458
"Y" shaped
flail blade
flail blade for that
manicured look