When visiting Arizona, please stop by APD Power Center and visit our
showroom located at 412  W Gemini Dr Tempe AZ 85283. We stock several
of the BCS tractors and attachments for same day shopping.

The BCS lawnmower is available in two deck sizes, 22 and 38 inches. The
1/8th inch (.125") steel deck is equipped with twin blades that discharge into
their own chute or discharge tunnel. The cutting blades do not share the
same discharge path. This helps the grass clippings to end up in the bag and
not on the lawn.

Included bagger is front mounted for easy access and dumping.

Mowing height on the BCS Lawn Mower is a very clever and unique system.
Instead raising the deck up and down to adjust height. The blades are easily
and instantly adjustable with a top mounted lever. Cutting height is adjustable
from 2 1/2 inches to 4 inches on the 38 inch model. The 22 inch mower cut
height is adjustable from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches. Both mower models utilize
the top mounted lever for blade height adjustment.

The 22 inch BCS lawn mower can be powered by Tractor models 710 and
larger.  5 x 10 inch wheels are recommended.

The 38 inch BCS lawn mower requires Tractor models 739 and larger. For
proper balance, PTO extensions and quick hitches are required.

Model number 92191219   22 inch mower weighs 66 lbs.
Model number 92191236   38 inch mower weighs 213 lbs

If you need a mower to cut heavy brush, and still want to cut your lawn, we
would recommend the HD Combo Mower. The link is below.
Add a sulky and you have a riding
mower.Best used with tractor models

749 and up as these tractors are
equipped with
turning brakes.

Order number 92190569.
Do you need to mow down tall crops or dense vines? Is your goal to finely
chop your cover crops into "green manure"? One of these flail mowers
would be a better choice for that operation. The links are below.