BCS Power Harrow. Available in 30, 32 and 21 inch. The power harrow stirs
soil with vertical mounted steel tines, similar to an egg beater for dirt. Instead
of mixing up your soil layers, this machine keeps the top soil on top.
BCS power harrow is designed for bed style gardening operations. Made in
North America by Thivierge of Quebec.
*30 inch harrow weighs 171 lbs
*This is the new and improved model with spring loaded metal sides, and a
shorter PTO connection.
*Helps preserve soil structure by not mixing soil layers
*Exclusive "Josephine lever" makes it easy to quickly reset the height of the
machine. Some competitive units have a worm screw and hand crank.
*Adjusts from 0 to 5 inches harrow depth.
*Purchase of this implement qualifies the buyer for a FREE Broadfork
*Best size for 30 inch seed beds is model BCS-921PH280

Compatible with the following Tractor models.

21 inch requires at least the 722  tractor and larger
30 and 32 inch requires at least the 732 and up equipped with 5 x 10 inch

Bumper weight BCS-922WEIGHTKIT is recommended for balance
Tractor must be equipped with the female quick hitch BCS-92290827

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Lever.  Height adjustments  are
easily and accurately made.