Do you have a BCS 26 or 30 inch Tiller? Do you ever think it would sure be
nice if someone came up with a way to precisely control the depth the tiller is
digging? BCS did it! The BCS Precision Depth Roller is designed to attach to
your existing BCS Tiller, creating the perfect seed bed preperation tool!

Take one 26 or 30 inch BCS Precision Depth Roller, attach it to your existing
26 or 30 inch BCS tiller and you have the ultimate seedbed preparation
You now have a tiller that can be adjusted to precisely till between 1/2 and 2
inches. Want to go deeper? Raise the "Josephine Lever" control and your
tiller's depth will be set for up to 7 inches tillage depth.

The terrific advantage is you now have a tiller that can be guided very easily
with one hand operation. The precision depth roller keeps the tiller at the depth
you want. Keep your compost, fertilizer and other soil amendments in the root
zone where it should be.

The BCS Precision Depth Roller is proudly sold, serviced and warrantied by
APD Power Center located in Arizona (480) 838-7472  (800) 789-7894