BCS Vegetable seeder manufactured by Hoss, sold and serviced by APD
Power Center located in Arizona. (480) 838-7472  (800) 789-7894
412 West Gemini Drive, Tempe AZ 85283
BCS-922HS000 seed planter. lncludes six
seed plates. Weighs 40 pounds. Seed depth
is adjustable from 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches.
The BCS vegetable seeder includes six seed plates. Blank plates are available
for purchase for customization. Plates are easy to change.

*Seed plate #1 HS4-1001 broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, turnips, mustard,
rutabaga and other fine seeds
*Seed plate #2 HS4-1002 onion, small coated seeds
*Seed plate #3 HS4-1003 okra, pelleted seeds: carrots, lettuce, beets and chard
*Seed plate #4 HS4-1004 small sweet corn, popcorn
*Seed plate #5 HS4-1005 small peas and beans
*Seed plate #6 HS4-1006 medium beans, peas, large sweet corn, field corn

Optional blank seed plates are available in the following thicknesses. Drill your
own holes!
3/32 inch
3/16 inch
1/4  inch
A metal drill template is available for purchase to aid in creating your own seed

Removable hopper for easy filling and emptying.
Drag chain and 15" wheel firm up the soil for better germination.
Mounting frame is adjustable, allowing use with different tractor wheel sizes.
When planting in raised beds, wheel extensions are available for the tractor
Seeder works best with larger seeds or pelleted small seeds.

BCS tractor and draw bar requirements:

One seeder Model 710 and up. Draw bar required: either 922TCK00 or

Two to Four seeders Model 732 and up. Draw bar required for 2 to 4 seeders
is the 922DH040 40" bar.

The BCS tractor 732 and larger can pull a maximum of four seeders
four vegetable seeders