BCS single action sickle bar mower.
Availalble in 30, 40, 45 and 53 inch.
Minimum required tractors are:
30 inch mower 710 and larger
40 inch mower 710 and larger
45 inch mower 722 and larger
53 inch mower 732 and larger
BCS dual action sickle bar
mower. Availalble in 51 and
67 inch sizes
BCS dual action sickle
bar mower
with fingers.
Available in 47, 59 and
71 inch sizes.
APD Power Center in Arizona sells the BCS line of sickle mowers. Our
contact number is 480-838-7472.   apdpowercenter at yahoo.com

Sickle mowers or sickle bar mowers are a great way to mow under fences and
into corners where a rotary or flail mower can't reach. The sickle mower is the
best mower for alfalfa, straw etc where you don't want to chop up the stalk
and leaves. Such as baling hay etc.  

The sickle mowers from BCS are available in three models Single action, Dual
Action and Dual Action with Fingers.

Single action mower. Only the upper blade moves. The lower blade is fixed.
Pros: Less expensive purchase price, Can be powered by smaller tractors.
Cons: Since only the upper sickle bar is moving, there is more vibration. Must
be operated at lower speed than a dual action mower.

Dual action mower. Both the upper and the lower blades move.
Pros: smoother, less vibration, can be run at higher speed.
Cons: Requires more horsepower to operate. Slightly higher purchase price.

Dual action mower WITH FINGERS.  
Pros: As with the dual action mower without fingers, this mower is smoother   
and can be run at higher speed. The metal fingers help guide the vegetation
into the cutter blades and in some instances will help prevent rocks from
entering the blades.  
Cons: Requires more power. Metal fingers can be broken if cutting woody
material such as saplings.
Minimum tractor sizes
51 inch 722 and larger
67 inch 739 and larger
Required tractor size
47 inch BCS 722 and up
59 inch BCS 739 and up
71 inch BCS 739 and up
Metal Fingers. Also known as
"Rock Guards".  The metal fingers
are actually the lower cutter bar.
When the upper cutter bar moves
to the right, the lower bar with the
fingers moves to left and vice
versa. This system is typically very
strong unless you try to cut a large
rock or large sapling. Sometimes
the fingers will break off.
Replacement fingers are available.