APD Power Center Phoenix Arizona 412 W Gemini Drive Tempe AZ 85283
(480) 838-7472 (800) 789-7894  apdpowercenter at yahoo.com
*Rammer replacement engines for sale in Arizona
*Used by Wacker, MultiQuip - Mikasa, Bomag, Doosan and many others.
*Sold as a rammer spec (no tank) or industrial version with fuel tank
*98 cc
*2.8 hp
*4.2 foot pounds torque
*0.42 quart oil capacity
*If equipped with fuel tank, holds 0.81 quart of gasoline
*23.4 pounds dry weight
*11.6 x 12.0 x 15.8 inches length width height (with fuel tank)

APD Power Center stocks and sells the following models
GX100 KRM-KRBM MultiQuip MT replacement
GX100 KRBF-KRG-KAM MultiQuip MTX replacment
GX100 5/8 pto straight keyed shaft with fuel tank. General purpose use.