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*689cc for all three models, GX630, GX660 and GX690
*GX660 has largely been replaced by the GX690
*20.8 hp GX630
*21.5 hp GX660 (has been replaced by the GX690)
*22.1 hp GX690
*35.6 foot pounds torque for all three engines.
*96.8 pounds dry
*15.9 x 16.1 x 17.2 inches length width height (all three engines)

Most Common crankshaft output styles:
Q type.....Keyed shaft one inch diameter
V type.....Tapered shaft for generators (mainly USA)
T type.....Keyed shaft 1-1/18 inches diameter
B type.....Keyed shaft 1 7/16 inches diameter
S type.....Metric keyed shaft 25 mm diameter
D type.....Keyed shaft 30 mm diameter x 35 mm length