Honda, BCS and TracMow Lawn Mowers sold by APD Power Center
in the Phoenix Arizona Metro area. 412 West Gemini Drive
Tempe Arizona 85283 (480) 838-7472 (800) 789-7894
Do you have property that tends
to become overgrown with brush?
Do you have a garden and need a
mower to shred the old crops so
they compost? Do you need to mow
down your soil building cover crops
so they will compost back into the

The BCS mowers listed below are real
time savers. Built to industrial grade
standards. A BCS tractor is required to
operate them. Tractor sold Separately
Honda Mowers
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APD Power Center is a privately owned company based in Tempe
Arizona. APD Power Center has been located in the Phoenix Arizona
area since 1966. You can buy with confidence knowing we will be
here to support your purchase with repairs and warranty service.