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Do you have "that contract" to mow those steep banks? Are you trying to
accomplish that with a hover mower? Did you ever wish you could command
a powerful robotic lawnmower to do that job while you stand on safe ground?
Do you have to mow those freeway medians wondering if every driver is
paying attention?

Introducing TracMow. Let TracMow get out in the middle of those dangerous
freeway medians. Steep slopes are no problem for TracMow.

TracMow is powered by a Kawasaki 14.5 hp V-Twin engine.

*14.5 hp Kawasaki engine with cast iron sleeves, full pressure oiling system
*Fast: easily mow a full acre of land in just one hour and 15 minutes
*Electric transmission. No oil leaks. Safe to mow around lakes and ponds.
*Transmission requires no maintenance, oil or filters.
*Transmitter range is up to 650 feet. (straight line of sight)
Safety beacon and LED headlights are standard equipment.
*All functions can be controlled by the remote. Turn on and off lights, raise or
lower the mower deck, and engaging the cutting blades are easily
accomplished with the remote control.

The remote control's switches are laid out in an intuitive manner. Learn
remote control functions in a few minutes.
All functions of the TracMow can be operated from the remote control.
Raise and lower the deck, adjust engine rpm, mower direction, turn the
lights and amber beacon on or off, start and emergency stop are all
accomplished with the flip of switches. The straight line of sight range
is approximately 650 feet!
Flashing safety
warning beacon