Hobby farm favorite. Walk behind farm tractor from BCS.
BCS model 722 with Honda GX240 engine for sale by
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BCS 722 tractor for sale in Arizona
This BCS garden tractor is a hobby farmer favorite. The extra horsepower
from the Honda GX240 engine enables it to run some of the larger

Some of the Features of this BCS 722 tractor:
*Transmission has 2 forward and 2 reverse gears.  0.6 mph to 1.4 mph
*Forward and reverse is handled by one lever. One flip for fwd or reverse
*6.8 mph transport speed for rear mounted implements only (like a tiller)
*Standard wheel size is 4x8x16 inch. Optional 4x10x18 or 5x10x19.5 inch
*Solid drive straight axle NO DIFFERENTIAL. Optional ratcheting hub.
*All gear drive. No belts to tension No chains to clean and lubricate.
*Gears and shafts are heat treated. Imbedded ball bearings
*Handle bars reverse 180 degrees for either pull or push configuration
*Handle bars adjust up and down for driver comfort.
*Powered by Honda GX240 recoil start engine.
*Engine produces 7.9 hp, 13.5 ft lbs torque, 270cc
*Weighs 270 lbs with 20 inch tiller attached

The BCS 722 tractor can power the following attachments
*26 inch tiller         
*21 inch power harrow. (harrow does not stir top soil under)                       
*V Cultivator (Spring tine cultivator)        
*Seed planter                        
*30 or 40 Inch Sickle Mower        
*26 Inch Brush Mower
*24 inch flail mower (wheel upgrade to 5x10 inch is required)
*22 Inch Lawn Mower (wheel upgrade to 5x10 inch is recommended)
*40 Inch Power Sweeper (rotary broom)
*28 inch Snow Thrower
*2 inch water pump manufactured by Pentair two models 50 psi or 85 psi
*Log splitter (requires power cradle and curved coupler)

This machine powers many different attachments. Why buy a snow thrower,
tiller, log splitter, mower, etc. only to have multiple engines to maintain. One
machine does it all.

Limited warranty for hobby farm and homeowner use (non commercial)
Transmission: Lifetime for the original owner
Tractor, clutch and Honda Engine: 3 years

Limited warranty for commercial use.
Tractor and clutch one year
Transmission five years
Honda Engine 3 years

Who is APD Power Center and why buy from us?
APD Power Center has been in the Phoenix Arizona area since 1966. Every
BCS tractor sale includes setup, testing and instruction. It's a smart decision
to buy local. We repair what we sell. If you have a warranty or repair need,
we won't send you off to another dealer. We'll take care of it. .

We are an authorized BCS, Honda Engine and Kohler Engine dealer.
Please contact us with any questions or stop by our bricks and mortar
showroom at 412 W Gemini Drive Tempe Arizona 85283

(480) 838-7472   (800) 789-7894