APD Power Center is an Elite BCS dealer. We're located in the Phoenix
Arizona area at 412 W Gemini Dr Tempe AZ 85283. If you are in the market
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about your farm and show you the BCS walk behind tractors.

The 92191235 thirty inch heavy duty combo mower from BCS features a 30"
steel blade mounted under a floating deck. Caster wheels allow the deck to
follow uneven ground contours. The BCS HD combo mower is designed to
mow both heavy brush and yet can be used to mow your residential lawn.
Cutting height for tractors equipped with 5 x 10 wheels is 1.75, 2.25 and 2.75
Cutting height for tractors equipped with 5 x 12 or 6.5 x 12 wheels is 2.75,
3.25 and 3.75 inches.

Caster wheels retract for use in dense brush.
Heavy duty 1/4 inch thick steel blade can be resharpened.

30 inch HD  Combo Mower requires a BCS Tractor size of 739 and larger
If you want to mow tall crops such as spent corn stalks, heavy vines and
mowing your residential lawn is not needed, we would recommend a flail
mower instead. To visit those pages, please click the links below.