BCS mulch layer BCS-921ML001 offered by APD Power Center in Arizona
Lays four foot wide plastic mulch.
Requires BCS tractor 749 and larger
equipped with a quick hitch.
BCS-921ML001 plastic mulch layer sold and serviced by APD Power Center
in Phoenix Arizona. (480) 838-7472 apdpowercenter -at- yahoo.com

*Compatible with BCS tractor models 749 and up.
*Wheel extensions are recommended to keep tractor's tires out of the bed.
*Wheel weights are recommended
*Minimum tire wheel size is 5X12 (for best results)
*Lays four foot wide plastic mulch. Perfect for 30 inch raised garden beds
*Rolls the plastic mulch and simultaneously buries the plastic on each side
*Soil must be fairly dry and well tilled or harrowed.
*Beds must not be over six inches tall. (otherwise mulch won't bury)
*Mulch layer is adjustable for varying types of soil.
*Designed for a 2400 X 4 foot roll of plastic mulch
*Your BCS tractor must be equipped with a quick hitch.
*Compatible with the BCS-922DT000 drip tape layer.

Now, a word about soil conditions in Arizona. In many parts of the state our
soil is heavy clay. "caliche". For the mulch layer to operate properly the soil
needs to be broken up and fairly light.

2400 X 4 ft wide  roll of black plastic mulch order number BCS-922PM424
BCS-922DT000 drip tape layer. Lays one line of drip tape.

1,000 foot roll of drip tape with 4 inch emitter spacing, order number
is BCS-922DT010
Drip tape layer
works with the
mulch layer to
lay one line of