We're asked fairly often "I have a large garden. Too large to handle with a
roto type tiller, but too small for a four wheel tractor. What BCS tractor and
attachments do I need". Not every gardener can afford all this at once.
sure you plan for the future
by selecting a tractor large enough to handle the
implements you will eventually want to run. Our suggestions for a farm with 26
inch raised beds are.

1 BCS Tractor Model 732 (at a minimum).
2 BCS Rear Tine Tiller with the Precision Depth Roller
3 BCS Rotary Plow (yes you can make raised beds with it)
4 BCS Flail Mower with the Anti Scalp Roller Installed
5 BCS Seeder (especially for larger farms)
6 BCS Spreader (especially for larger farms)

Why the 732? The 732 is the smallest tractor that can power the rotary plow.
The 732 is also the smallest tractor that can power the 26 inch rear tine tiller
and 24 inch flail mower.

If you plan on 30 inch beds, we would recommend you buy the BCS 739
tractor or larger.
BCS Rotary Plow BCS-92191306. The weight and power requirements of this
plow require at least a BCS 732 with the Kohler 9.5hp engine.

In our opinion the rotary plow is one of the most amazing farm inventions ever
produced. Instead of dragging a conventional plow through the dirt, this dirt
eating monster's four bit plow head rotates as it plows.

Break up the soil in the middle of your future raised bed. Make a pass on the
left side of your future bed, followed by a pass on the right side. The soil
thrown from the rotary plow piles into the center of your bed. and creates a
furrow on both sides. Great for digging in soil amendments in poor soil.

Rotary plow attaches to the tractor's PTO.  Four cutter bits turning at 290 rpm
kick the soil out to the right side.

Small rocks and caliche clay soil are no problem for this machine. Here's a link
to an official BCS youtube video showing the rotary plow in action.  
Rotary Plow
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