Honda INVERTER TECHNOLOGY Low Cost of Ownership
HONDA EM5000iS  
Inverter Generator
4.500 watts 37.5/18.8 amps

  • EM5000iS has inverter technology, the EM5000S uses an AVR
  • EM5000iS uses a permanent magnet rotating field, the EM5000S field is copper wound.
  • The EM5000iS can infinitely lower it's engine speed to an idle and still produce power. The
    EM5000S has an econo idle, but to produce 120/240 60hz VAC continuously, it must run
    3600 rpm at all times.
  • In certain applications the fuel savings utilized by the EM5000iS will make this generator
    less expensive to own than even an "off brand economy" generator.

  • Inverter technology produces clean power for your computer, satellite dish, etc.
  • 31.9" x 26.4" x 27.2"
  • 223 pounds
  • 4.5 gallon fuel tank
  • Eco throttle system infinitely adjusts engine rpm. Saves on fuel costs!
  • Oil Alert shuts off engine if oil level is low.
  • 20 amp duplex receptacle
  • 30 Amp 120V Locking Plug receptacle
  • 30 Amp 120/240 Volt twist lock receptacle (GenSet limited to 18.8 amps at 240V)
  • USDA Forest approved muffler
  • Electric and Rope Start

  • Three year warranty, Consumer and Professional use.