Honda Inverter Generator
Enter the Companion. This generator includes a heavy duty 30 amp outlet that can handle the
model loses the DC battery charging system for this 30 amp outlet.
If you are interested in buying just one EU2000 and won't be connecting them together to
produce double the power, then the Companion is not the model for you. It does not include the
12 volt battery charger.

The bottom line: If you want an EU2000 with 12 Volt battery charger and you don't intended to
hook two of them together, follow the link below: Specifications are listed below.

Honda EU2000i with 12 Volt DC
Battery Charging System.

  • 2,000 watts maximum 16.7amps
  • 1600 watts rated 13.3amps
  • Runs 4 hours at rated load, 9.6 hours at 1/4 load
  • Engine speed adjusts to demand for power output. Saves fuel costs!
  • Oil Alert shuts off engine if oil level is low.
  • 1 20 amp 120 Volt SINGLE receptacle (one socket)
  • 1 30 amp 120 Volt receptacle (handles full output of 2 EU2000 sets connected)
USDA Forest approved muffler

  • Rope Start
  • GX100 Honda industrial quality engine.

  • Three year warranty, Residential and Professional use.