*RotoStop blade brake. Engine stays running after blade stop safety
handle is released. No need to restart engine!
*GCV200 Overhead cam engine - easy starting
*21 inch cut on high tech Nexite Polymer Deck. No dents, no rust
*4 in 1 Versamow clip director, mulch, bag, discharge and leaf shred
with a simple lever change
*0 to 4 mph variable speed
*Twin blade MicroCut blade system is excellent for mulching.
*7 mowing height adjustments from 3/4 inch to 4 inch.
*Automatic choke, Manual engine speed throttle
*9 inch wheels with ball bearings
*2.5 bushel bag capacity (about 3 cubic feet)
*0.98 quart fuel tank
*98 pounds weight

5 year engine and mower for residential use.
90 day commercial warranty
Blade brake does not stop engine!
Mulch, Bag, Leaf Shred, Discharge
Self Propelled Hydrostatic Drive
Ball Bearing Wheels
5 year non commercial warranty.

Lifetime deck warranty
(non commercial)
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